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The Irony of Children in Indonesia

children-of-indonesiaYesterday, a Molotov bomb throw to some children played outside the church in Loa Janan, East Borneo, Indonesia. Some headline news, breaking news by Indonesian television and some through foreign media’s too.

4 to 5 children injured and this morning one of them, she is only two years old passed away because of 70% burned. Her name is Intan Olivia Marbun, 2 years old.

Monitored the media in Indonesia from the prime to the radical one, I found almost no comment about it.
Sadly for other news everyone still busy attacking each other especially with news related to religion, Jakarta’s Governor and even Trump.
Perhaps it’s only a small accident, happened in the corner of Indonesia and its “far-far away from us. There are nothing we can do too. Seems that everyone stayed away maybe to avoid provoking from each other.
So life goes on like nothing happen except grieves for family’ victim.
 My deepest condolences for Intan, may she rest in peace.