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My farewell to legendary Tupolev 10-07-2007


One of my most epic experiences in Russia was to fly on the Tupolev back in 2007 from Moscow to St Petersburg.

DSC_1132Moscow sheremetyevo airport


The Tu-134 jet has cruised the skies for overn 40 years, being the most popular and mass manufactured air vehicle in the history of aircraft engineering. It was first designed and built to replace Tu-124. The first take-off was in 1963, under the name Tu-124A. In 1965, the plane was renamed as Tu-134, and one year later its serial production began in Kharkov Aviation Plant.

Aeroflot_Tu-134A_RA-65781_SVO_2003-3-10Tupolev 134


Tupolev 154

It’s such a shame that in December 2007, Aeroflot stopped the operation of the legendary Tupolev planes. The SU753 flight from Kaliningrad to Moscow was the last one in history of its kind.