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The beauty of mining

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Throughout the years, I have made documentations for various mining companies, including: MHU Coal, Adaro Indonesia, Adaro Energy, Freeport Indonesia, Kelian Equatorial Mining, Indonesia Bulk Terminal (IBT), Terminal Batubara Indah and Delta Coal.
Every project is unique. Though they all involve mining, there are many different types, from coal to gold. Thus, the biggest challenge is to find the aspects that best represent the company. 
I witnessed how two companies, MHU Coal and Adaro, have grown rapidly over the years. My visit to Freeport revealed to me an understanding of massive mining operations really are.
When I flew over IBT premises, it was an empty land, but within two years they had a huge coal facility running. 
Working together with people in the various companies is an irreplaceable opportunity that has broadened my horizons. These people have shown me that dreams can be achieved through hard work, but also the importance of giving back to the community. 
For instance, in Adaro, I met the man who was behind a cataract project that treated over 4000 locals in South Borneo. Initially he kept it quiet, until I convinced his team that I wanted to share this great story to inspire other companies.
With a lot of changes happening to Indonesia, there are many challenges ahead, but it is always a good idea to reflect on the present and the past. 


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Author: My Photography's note

Greg has been a professional freelance photographer since 1991. Some of his works have been featured by international companies and organizations like the Institute of South East Asian Studies, Asia Today, The Financial Times and The Japan Times.

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