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My First Camera

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My First Camera

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 76x — a birthday present from my father. It seemed to me that he loves photography, though he never talked about it.  His passion did show in the photographs he took when he was younger; they were great from all angles, compositions as well as lighting.

He stopped taking photographs ever since the 1974  Anti Japanese riot, which destroyed his life for it hurt him both emotionally as well as financially. Our family fell into hardship at that time.

I tried making my own money from a young age. Every school holiday, I helped my uncle with his small photography shop. Thanks to him, I learned a lot of things, from the basics of taking photos, studio lighting to darkroom techniques.

Years later, as soon as I graduated from high school, I got a job in the tourism industry. One day, in 1990, I was trekking in the mountains when I met a man. He told me that photography will be ever more important in the future. I decided to heed his advice and discovered that photography is what I love after all. As a photographer, I had the chance to work with experienced foreign journalists, delve into the world of advertisement and international media agencies.

Over the years photography  has changed so rapidly into something that’s not so important and meaningful anymore. I believe that photography should retain its original purpose: a way to record moments that we may otherwise forget when we grow older.



Author: My Photography's note

Greg has been a professional freelance photographer since 1991. Some of his works have been featured by international companies and organizations like the Institute of South East Asian Studies, Asia Today, The Financial Times and The Japan Times.

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